July 13 7pm-11pm & July 14 3pm-7pm

Saturday July 13


Jake Victor Quartet

Aaron Joseph

Andy Danstrom (solo)

Henry Thiemann

Sunday July 14


Such Chill Much Jam


Morgan Powers

Jake Victor (solo)

Artists both days

Kelly Cunningham

Stevan Dedovic

Sean Griffin

Jenn Lawhead

Maria Villa

Andy Warren Jepson


Food and drink will be served

Visual Artists

Stevan Dedovic

Watching Stevan Dedovic at work is like being in the eye of hurricane. In one moment, without a paint brush in sight, he adds and subtracts layers from large-scale acrylic paintings. In the next, he’s behind a computer screen inputting numbers that, often quite literally, spiral into the clean geometric patterns of generative art. He describes his process as a series of decisions that “delegate control” to various processes ranging from automated machines and computer coding, to the chemical reactions of paint and hot water. Stevan draws inspiration from rusted highway fences and other natural images that explore the passing of time. He currently lives in the Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois.

Kelly Ann Cunningham

Kelly Ann Cunningham enjoys painting, printmaking, and drawing with pastels and pencils. The majority of her paintings are influenced by processes she learned from monoprinting and etching while at DePaul. Her paintings range from semi-sculptural abstract pieces to works modeled after photos or objects from real life. She enjoys using tape as much as a paint brush when painting. She is currently working on illustrations for the children’s book Epistemology for Babies. In August she will be moving to Nashville to pursue a PhD in Philosophy at Vanderbilt University.

Sean Griffin

Sean Griffin often works on multiple paintings in a single night. He describes his work as learning to “take things apart and put them back together in creative ways.” While much of his work finds its basis in destructive processes, he is also known for his inventive use of color and found materials. Sean will incorporate the plastic packaging of the canvas in his work. Recently he has been working with pouring mediums, giving his work a sense of motion. Aside from art, Sean also applies a similar mindset to music. He has been known to create everything from analog loop tapes to beats with sounds sourced from Gameboy games. He currently lives in Palatine, Illinois.

Jenn Lawhead

Jenn Lawhead uses painting as an opportunity to explore. Unlike assignments at her job as a graphic designer, her artwork isn’t determined by somebody else’s vision. She enjoys using the color purple and has recently been trying to add it to her work in surprising ways. When asked about the inspiration behind her work she cites relationships, explaining that “other people are something I can’t control...painting is a way to deal with that frustration.” In viewing art, Jenn appreciates everything from photo-realistic paintings to abstract pieces that experiment with color and texture. Those viewing her work will see similar experimentation along with a sense of visual balance. Jenn currently lives in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago and works as a flash content manager and graphic designer.

Andy Warren Jepson

Andy Warren Jepson’s work is marked by clean lines and minimalism. Influenced by Henri Matisse and John Zabawa, Andy works in a variety of mediums from paints to paper cutting. He especially enjoys applying his designs to objects that perform other functions, such tote bags and pillows. The goal of his work is “to create spaces and experiences that evoke a sense of wonder by organizing physical material, image, and sound.” His work instills a sense of calm and contemplation and he enjoys projects that require multiple steps. He is currently working on an animation project, which will become the music video for “On the Moor,” by his band, Sun Silo. His work is on display at The Branch gallery in Racine, Wisconsin, and is often featured in the posters and merchandise for his bands, Sun Silo and The Oscillators. Andy currently based in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Maria Villa

As and artist and musician, it’s easy to see the rhythms in Maria Villa’s work. Ranging from abstract pours to stylized portraits, her work explores both blends and contrasts of color. In addition to music and art, she is also passionate about yoga and cooking. Originally from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, she currently lives in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago.


Jake Victor

Jake Victor’s varied career includes performances at the Chicago Cultural Center, Aon Ballroom, Navy Pier, The Refuge and performances for former mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chaz Ebert, Tom Hurvis, Michael Brown, and others. Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, he has spent five months studying jazz piano at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Rob van Bavel and Hans Vroomans. While there, he recorded the album Twisted Heads, marking his debut as a bandleader and composer.His influences range far and wide, from Bach to Ambrose Akinmusire, and from The Bad Plus to Steve Reich. Called "musical magic", "remarkable", and "absolutely dedicated", this young pianist/percussionist is on pace to make some major waves on the international jazz scene.

Jake graduated from the Lawrence Conservatory of Music in 2018 with a degree in Percussion Performance and a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He currently teaches piano and percussion at Terra Sounds in Glenview, IL and School of Rock in Arlington Heights, IL.

Aaron Joseph

Aaron Joseph makes sad, emotional music that puts people in a good mood. He starts by playing around with different tunings and chords on his guitar, then writes a melody and adds words. He’s influenced by folk rock artists like Tallest Man on Earth, Bob Dylan, and Elliot Smith as well as bands like The White Stripes. Aaron’s clever lyrics are accompanied by his wide and dynamic vocal range and raw guitar. Aaron enjoys playing small, intimate shows because it allows him to make a genuine connection with the audience. He is also a part of local band, Where’s Fernando?, which will be playing their farewell show at the Tonic Room on July 20th. He will soon release the single, “Can’t Be,” which will also be on his upcoming EP.

Andy Danstrom

Andy Danstrom is a drummer and producer based in Chicago. When producing, he draws from a wide range of influences; elements of vapor-wave and drum and bass as well as contemporary classical and jazz can be found in what he does. As a drummer, his ears are naturally focused towards timbre, rhythm and texture and his music tends to focus on those qualities. The end result is contemplative music wrought with nuanced rhythms and a complex layering of chimes, bells, synths and atmospheric textures. You can check out his first EP “Before I knew myself and my loneliness” on YouTube (see link below) and he is currently working on his second project which he plans to release sometime later this year. For this particular performance he will be creating an improvised set of ambient music in the hopes of creating a sonic environment to explore the themes of the art being presented.

Henry Theimann

Henry Theimann started his relationship with music playing classical violin. Later, he started to play guitar and developed and interest in electronic music. Drawing from a wide range of influences, Henry cites everything from dance and house to Brazililan and African genres. He describes his process as relaxed and freeform and relies on looping, guitar effects, synths, and drum machines to create his transient music. Henry also describes his music as “mood based.”

In addition to music, Henry is also skilled in graphic design and website construction. He is most interested in creating interactive experiences that include animation and works to incorporate color into the layout and movement of the website. If you’d like to see some of his work, just scroll up and down this page (he created it).

Such Jam Much Chill / Isaiah Sanderman

Such Jam Much chill was formed in September 2019 with the intent of playing DIY house shows. In recent months the group has become more focused and consistent while still remaining true to their improvisational style. Influenced by lo-fi jam bands such as FKJ, Lettuce, Vulfpeck, and local band Dasset, Such Jam Much Chill, works with the energy of their audience to make every show a fun and unique experience. Isaiah Sanderman organized the band where he plays saxophone, keyboard, and contributes vocals. Other members include Bailey Gordon on bass, Vincent Ippolito on drums, and Ricky Hendrix on guitar. In many ways, Such Jam Much Chill represents what can form out of connections in the Chicago music scene. The band is currently planning a tour of Chicago record stores (dates TBA) and has a show at Uncommon Ground with Punting Baxter on September 6th.

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